Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family memories! Ah! The Life! Friday Nights!

Large juicy hamburgers frying on the old fashioned iron skillet with the tops to hamburger buns steaming on the tops of them. A large bag of potato chips waiting to be opened. All the fixings from the garden, tomatoes, onion, lettuce and homegrown pickles.We usually only got pop on that night so my brother and I would line up the bottles before supper to see which one had the most in them and then argue over who was going to get it. Sometimes Mom would fry potatoes instead of chips and would hand out a raw potato to me to tied me over till supper was done. These were my favorite nights. School was over for the week or maybe it was even summer. Nevertheless the next days future was play! All the family was home eating around the table and waiting in anticipation for Gunsmoke and Wagon Train to come on the old black and white t.v. These were the way my siblings and I spent our Friday nights!
Ok now, what was a good memory you guys had? Say on Friday nights? Let's get some stories going here. True ones that is!

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